Zetadec is participating in the project "Emissiearm veevoer"

Publicatiedatum: 02-09-2021

Zetadec is currently working to reduce carbon footprint and nitrogen emission as part of the project “Emmissiearm Veevoer The project is funded by the European Union and the provinces Gelderland and Overijssel within the EFRO subside program OP Oost. The aim of the project is to substantially reduce the carbon footprint and nitrogen emission from animal husbandry by developing low emission feed. This is done by focusing on an innovative and integral approach that addresses all sectors in the feed chain.

The project is carried out by seven partners with different expertises in the feed industry. Feed Innovation Services focuses on the utilization of nutrients by animals; FeedValid is a processor and producer of feedstuffs; Oriolus Feed Support and Agrivital International are active in the development of feed additives; Agruniek Rijnvallei is a feed manufacturer; Klaremelk is a producer of milk replacer and dry feed for calves and Zetadec is specialized in compound feed manufacturing and processing of raw materials.

The project consists of three work packages (raw materials, additives, and processing) aiming to form a database for linear programming. As a result, feed manufacturers can actively formulate the diets as such, that the protein utilization of the livestock is maximized (a 5% reduction of nitrogen losses), while minimizing the carbon footprint of the final animal product (a 10% reduction of CO2 emissions).

Within the project, Zetadec is working on thermal hydrolysation of animal by-products, air classification of feedstuffs, coating of amino acids, process improvements for the application of by-products from the human food industry in feed and the effects of processing on the nutritional quality of the feed. 

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