Feed & feed additives

Zetadec is working on the improvement/evaluation of the production processes of different animal feeds such as compound animal feed, (coated) feed additives, pre-mixes, pet food, fish feed and calf milk replacers. We are specialized in the following unit-operations: Extrusion, Pelleting, CoatingGrinding, Mixing, Drying, Cooling, Post-pelleting application of additives


Fertilizers & plant nutrition

Zetadec assists in the development of liquid and solid fertilizers. The fertilizers and fertilization strategies are evaluated with field and greenhouse trials. Besides the development of fertilizers, we contribute to the optimisation of full-scale production plants.

Biomass & renewables

Biomass (wood, waste materials, agricultural crops, animal manure, algae, etc.) can be converted to bioplastic, (bio)energy or extraction products. Zetadec uses different techniques in combination with thermal, enzymatic and (bio)chemical treatments to increase the value of biomass.



Our expertise lies in converting food or feed by-products into usable food products. Furthermore, a part of our expertise is the extraction of valuable components from raw materials to be used as food ingredients.  


Data mining, modelling and statistics

Data analysis is a large part of scientific research. Zetadec has a lot of experience in experimental design, mathematical modelling and data mining. This experience is also used designing decision support systems in the (feed) production industry.