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Available Internship/Thesis on powder flow-characteristics

starting April 2021

Project introduction

Lactose is a valuable feed ingredient in diets for young animals as it stimulates growth performance.  In dairy powders, lactose can be present in (partly) crystalline or amorphous state. The amorphous form of lactose represents the most energetic solid state, and provide the biggest advantages in terms of dissolution rate and bioactivity, however amorphous lactose has a lower physical stability compared to crystalline lactose. When amorphous lactose is kept above its glass transition temperature, it is hygroscopic and becomes sticky and prone to caking, resulting in problems during powder handling and processing.

Project Aim

In this project you will quantify flow properties of different dairy powders, varying in lactose crystallinity, with and without the addition of different anti-caking agents as well flow properties of complete feed meals with dairy powders included. Besides “traditional” flow properties determinations (e.g. angle of repose, angle of inclination and Hausner ratio), also a new methodology for powder flow property determination will be developed on an Instron texture analyzer.

The aim of the project is to quantify the effect of amorphous/crystalline lactose in dairy powders and complete feed meals including dairy powders, with and without the use of anti-caking agents.

Student activities and responsibilities

-              Development and setup of a new methodology to assess powder flow behaviour.

-              Quantification of flow properties of different feed materials.

-              Investigate and quantify the effect of amorphous/crystalline lactose content and ratio in feed materials on flow properties.

-              Investigate and quantify the effect of anti caking agents in feed materials on flow properties.

-              Statistical analysis and report writing.

-              Assisting in the execution of pilot plant trials related to feed manufacturing.

Your profile

-              MSc or BSc in Feed Science & Technology, or Food Science & Technology, or a similar degree

-              Proactive, problem solver, flexible, result driven and open minded

-              Willing to learn and work independently

-              Have excellent English communication skills

-              Are available for a 4-6 months full-time period starting from April 2021


You are invited to send your CV to For further information, please contact Stijn Duitshof by email or phone:+31(0)317 479646.

(Posted March 2021)